Imaginative play

Education that feels just like fun

The best way to learn is through experience, and we provide the perfect environment

We give children the opportunity to discuss the things that they have enjoyed during the week. This reinforces learning and helps us to create the best possible environment for your child to develop. If you want a nursery where the children’s activities really are about your child then look no further.

So why choose us?

  • Access to great outdoor space
  • Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum
  • Activities that encourage learning through play
  • Warm staff that children relate to
  • Active promotion of inclusion for all
  • Individualised care plans for each and every child

Outdoor space that works wonders

We have our own outside area in which we encourage free flow play. With that, we are developing with the encouragement of our strong minded children. Our garden encompasses play, exercise and learning with a mud kitchen and a huge abacus!

So whether your child is a budding scientist, nature lover or just loves to explore, we’ve got it covered.

The start that we all deserve
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